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A Tree in a Meadow Wedding Blog//Melanie & Nate//PNW Wedding Photographer

This wedding took place in Port Townsend, Washington at Fort Wordon State Park. It was a small and intimate wedding in the middle of the week on a Wednesday afternoon. The bride was radiating joy on her day, you could just tell she was so excited to be marrying her groom and the joy that was coming from her was tangible. Her day was finally here and she couldn't be happier. The groom, was so sweet and at one point was overheard saying "This is all for her, I just wanted to give her a wedding" it was seriously the sweetest thing. He was so happy that he was able to have this wedding for her and it was just such a joy to see them be so happy for their wedding day.

The ceremony took place in a field with a large tree that they got married in front of. To the left in the distance was a "rapunzuel tower" that made this feel like a real life fairytale. It had less then 50 people in attendance and the couple was surrounded by a few of their closest friends and family. Small Weddings have a special place in our hearts and we just love that it is just the couple with their closest people in their lives. We love how special it makes the day for everyone. The officiant that married them did a wonderful job and it was really moving. We may have even teared up at one point during his talking about how "you have to be in each others corners always, always there for each other no matter what because yes, you'll have kids but once they are grown and moved out you just have each other again and you need to be there" 

The day was one for the books and was such a sweet wedding in the middle of the week. We were so happy to be apart of their day and wish them all the happiness.

"Listen closely... Even the trees have their own sweet love songs that roll off their boughs and echo out to all of creation. Love is always in the air."