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A Golf Course Sundown Wedding Blog// Devon & Richard// PNW Wedding Photographer

Kicking off our first wedding of the season with Evergreen Ever After was nothing short of awesome! We had the most fun at Gold Mountain Golf Course in Belfair Washington. We got to ride for the first time in a golf cart, and let me tell it you it was the highlight of our wedding expereinces so far! It was sooo fun scouting out locations for the bride and the groom before the ceremony begun! I will admit, we were not 100% on golf cart ediquette and may or may not have had to call Cailtin's husband for some pointers....

Now on to the wedding, we arrived early before the bride and groom to check out the location and find the perfect places to shot their portraits (which who are we kidding?! This place was amazing!) we were greeted by front office and let me give a shout out to Jessi that worked there! She was so great at her job and seriously was so helpful and made things go so smoothly. She was truly great at her job and kept things running smoothly. Really the entire staff working this event was awesome and made things so much easier. Also, shout out to DJ-Z and V they were awesome at their job and kept things running on schedule!

On to the bride and the groom. The bride, Devon, was full of energy, she has such a personality and was so excited to be finally marrying her groom that she has been together with since high school. They have such a love for each other and you could feel the anticipation awaiting them to say "I do". Their ceremony took place on a balcony overlooking the golf course at 6pm and was gorgeous! They had a sand ceremony and during that part of it they had a little mermaid song, which basically makes them THE couple for Evergreen Ever After! Truly, they couldnt be more perfect for us and I am SO happy it was them to kick of the season with EEA. These two rocked their golden hour portraits and their portraits are seriously stunning! Everything in their wedding was so pretty, dress, venue, shoes, etc.. and we are so thrilled with how their pictures turned out!

See for yourself how great this wedding was!


"Once upon a time I became yours and you became mine, and we'll stay together through both the tears and laughter because that's what they call happily ever after"