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A Lake Side Wedding//Davona & Brandon//Panther Lake Belfair Washington// PNW Wedding Photographers

We got to capture a very special wedding this last time, the bride was the sweetest, and SO talented in all her DIY details of her wedding. She made all her flowers from paper! It was truly amazing, they looked so awesome and we were really impressed with all the work she put into them! Not only that but she made her wedding cake!! Which is amazing all on its own, but to have hose details on her wedding day was so special and I know it will be something that everyone remembers always! 

Davona was such a gorgeous bride, not only did she look incredible, but she has such kind heart that shines through to everyone. Her makeup was done by her good friend, Meaghan Smith, and she did a spectacular job! Her soon to be Mother in Law did her hair, which was so sweet and looked amazing! There were so many special moments in this day and it was one of our favorite weddings to shoot to date. The wedding was held at her dad's house and it was right on the lake. There is a special place in our hearts for backyard weddings, they are some of our favorites for the intimate feel and specials memories. It's so wonderful to get married somewhere where you grew up/can always go back to. Don't get me wrong, we love shooting the big venues, the well-known venues and all in between, but the uniqueness of backyard weddings is so amazing. Brandon, was a very dapper groom, we loved his attire which was a grey and white tie and he looked sharp. It was a great contrast. 

All her sisters were in her bridal party, with a few friends as well. the bride and groom choose to have a first look before the ceremony, and we loved being able to capture that private moment with the two of them. It was so great and one of our favorite moments of the day. For those who choose this option, it really is so intimate, it’s just the two of you, soaking in each other before the craziness of the day and all the eyes that will be on you. We love the rawness that comes with a first look, that unchecked emotion that isn't always there when other people are watching, it's just the two of you, in each other’s arms, with sweet words and so much love. It's an amazing thing to witness and be a part of. The groom, Brandon, had googly eyes for his bride during the first look!

 Before the ceremony started, there was a point when all the bridal party gathered around the bride and prayed over her, it was such a special moment and I may have cried along with them as they were praying over it. It was so great to see that support for the bride and her faith on her wedding day resonate throughout the bridal party and in that room. 

The bride and groom had their dogs in the wedding, which was super cute. At one point, during the ceremony, one of the dogs jumped off the dock and into the water, which we thought was hilarious and oh so memorable! The wedding party stood on the dock behind the bride and groom and it was such a pretty setup. 

The bride and groom danced to Ed Sheeran for their first dance, which pretty much makes them a perfect match for EEA! We love us some Ed Sheeran. The cake was amazing, Davona made it and it was hands down one of the prettiest ones we have seen yet. We had given her a gift that was a fork set that said "I Do" and "Me Too' that Keeley Behling Studios had made, and we were really excited to give to them for their wedding day!

Towards the end of the night, we took the bride and groom away from the wedding for a few stolen moments in the woods, with a swing and some fun! It was a cute moment to watch them swing together and just be with each other after all the events of the day!

This wedding was one for the books, and we are so glad we got to be apart of it. See for your self how awesome it was!



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