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A bucket list // Fall // Caitlin+family

Okay so it’s my favorite time of the year! I’m all about traditions new & old. My goal this year is to experience as much as I can with the people that I love. Summer wasn't a huge hit for us this year because of my surgery and all that it took a lot for our family to finally find our rhythm and get into the swing of things again. But from here on out we are making the most of it all.

So far we have tried to do all of the festive things we possibly can this fall.

Our checked off list looks a little like this.

  • Pumpkin patch

  • Corn maze

  • Hayride

  • Hay maze

  • Pumpkin carving

  • Pumpkin painting

  • Fall Festivals

  • Petting zoo

  • Puddle jumping

  • Halloween party

  • Trick or treating

Basically, we are trying to fill our kids with experiences, memories and moments that they can look back on and say they loved doing that as a kid. The only real things left for fall are Thanksgiving, & our little Miss Ceci’s 3rd birthday (which is the same day as thanksgiving)

We have a winter/Christmas list that we will be fulfilling next & we are so excited to keep these memories flowing.