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A Mothers Guide to Entrepreneurship

A mothers guide to entrepreneurship…..

Are you a mom who also owns a business or is a boss babe? This is a step by step guide....Or something like that on how to do both and still keep your sanity.

Step one: open a bottle of wine

Step two: pour glass and continue to drinking and finishing said glass of wine.

Feel better? Good, lets get started.

I am not going to pretend like I know how to do motherhood and owning a business because let me tell you I don’t and this isn't that blog post with actual steps that may work. Truth is I don't have that ish figured out really any better then the next mom. Because let me be honest, we are just all trying to do our best and raise the tiny humans to be their best and to be kind humans. I am not a mastermind in the in and outs of mothering, this is just stuff I have found to make my life go as seamlessly as I can so I don’t lose my mind on the daily, and even then I do sometimes lose my mind. I have found a few tricks and tips that may help you...Or they might not.I honestly think it depends on the kid, on the day, hell, even on the hour.

However, I am a mom to three boys- Flynn (4) Cohen (2) and Watson (6mo) and my. life. is. CRAZY. I am the one who is home with them during the day, my husband is the one who goes to work during the day and supports our greatest financail needs right now. I entertain my kiddos from time they get up til they go to sleep and then even in the the middle of the night. That in itself is a job, and then to have the rest of the things piled on top, it can get overwhelming. Being the stay at home mom of 3 littles is tough, its alot, I get overwhelmed and I cry alot, I feel like I am failing most of the time-mom guilt is real. Am I doing enough with them? Do I show them I love them enough? Did I not give them my all today? Why did I have to yell like that? Am I ruining them completely? Is it bad that I don’t miss then when I go out by myself for an hour? Sound like you? ME TOO. It. Is. Hard. and its something I struggle with alot.

Adding having to manage and handle a business (even with a business partner) is a ton of work to deal with. and alot of stress to deal with. Plus you have the pressures of social media and the internet comparison game we all know all to well. I've said it in our feed and I've said it in our stories on SM "Comparison is the thief of joy" and how true that is?

We are bombarded all the time with the clean houses and cooked meals and awesome relationships and killing it in the business department and raising the tiny humans..Everythingis ALWAYS awesome on SM, in the highlight reel everything is great and dandy and no one ever has a bad day or a a bad hair day because they put their bests selves out there.

So lets add that to the list shall we? The unattainable life of strangers on the internet.

However, in real life, the none highlight reel, I try my best. I do the best for my kids and I do the best at running a business, at being a wife and a mom, a business owner and a friend, a sister and an aunt, a cook and a house cleaner. All these hats that we as mom wears and somehow we STILL are judge for the fact that our kids have dirt on their face or their clothes, or that they were grumpy at the family BBQ. IT.IS.EXHAUSTING. and SO many people love to point out what you are doing wrong that they forget all the things you are doing right, or even just SAYING anything about what you are doing right. I feel you, I GET IT. I am there most days. I don’t have time for anything, truly,

I do not have a nanny or someone who can watch my littles aside from myself and my husband. We can’t afford a nanny for one thing and it just isn't how I choose to parent. There is nothing wrong with that choice, my kids just aren't those kids and I am just not that mom. I have family who can help but generally that mom guilt gets me unless its a dire need (birth of said tiny humans) or Justin and I NEED a date night. We probably SHOULD make it more of a priority , but it just isn’t the season in our life right now. I have an infant who is EBF and sending 3 small children somewhere to be babysat is a lot of planning and work and then I feel like I am overloading the person watching them with three, sometimes terrors, but sweet kiddos.

Its just how it is. and we are ok with that most days.

So I don’t know how to navigate this life of mine, HOWEVER, do you know what I’ve found that is usually foolproof?

Being PRESENT, Be present with your kids, take time to just play and live through their eyes. They dont care what anyone else thinks. They just want to slay dragons, go on adventures and sword fight. Be present in your business while being a mother, show instagram your kids sword fighting and going on adventures. Being a mom is such an important part of your life and people should see that. They should be present for that too. Be present in your business as much as you can and be present as a mother while doing it.. These years are truly so short and they fly by. I have a 6 MONTH OLD already!! How is that even possible? So what am I going to do? I’m going to show up and I am going to show you the adventures me and my kiddos go on. Our dance parties, our swords fights, its who I am and its the thing that seems to make the most sense to me. This is the season I am in and I am going to celebrate it and I hope you can celebrate it too.