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SO! if you read about our #EEAGIVETHANKS2018 you’ll see that we love to give back around here! Dec is no different and we want to be a blessing to someones life this year and are getting together a list of things we can do to give back and bless someone. If you want to know more, sign up for our mailing list and we will send over all the things we want to do and all the ways we want to bless YOU! Also, it’ll come with a fun Decemeber bucket list because we couldn’t be more excited for this holiday season and we hope you guys are too!

With that being said, here is one thing checked off OUR BUCKET list this season. Cookie baking and Christmas decorating!! Its my smallest, Watson, first Christmas and Cohen actually understands what Christmas means this year and Flynn remember Christmas from last year so I am super stoked this season to celebrate!

Lifestyle cookie baking session