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A TurkeyDay Birthday//Cecilia's 3rd Birthday//Kamdens 1st thanksgiving

Where to begin with this one. A lot to cover in this blog post but I’m going to try and keep it short & sweet because otherwise I might cry a lot. Basically my baby is no longer a baby. You can now place her in the preschool category. These last three years have flown by & I have learned so much from being this kids mom. Patience - because she tests it - A LOT. Love - because she shows it to me every single day regardless of if I am grumpy, sad or happy. Trust - because she would literally jump off the roof if I told her I would catch her. How to be silly - because she is a freaking crack up. To believe in magic - because it does exist and I see it in her hazel eyes every single day.

She is a challenge. She is fierce. She is brave. She is hilarious. She is smart. She is beautiful and these are things I will tell her until the day that I die. She knows who she is - though she’s still learning. She faces battles every day learning to deal and manage her emotions. She doesn’t know betrayal, or hate, or depression or insecurities and if I could I would make sure she never did. But I know those things will come in time and in age. But regardless I will be there making sure she picks herself up dusts herself off and takes on the next challenge. I hope she loves big, takes chances and makes mistakes - because how else will she learn? How else will she say “I lived” I want the biggest and best for her. But I also want her to understand struggles because they will come. But for now, she will stay little, she will stay fearless and she will stay our baby girl forever.

We had a thanksgiving birthday for her. We literally had our ENTIRE family over for dinner and a little party for this miss and she was so grateful she got to see all the people she loved on her special day. I took her outside for a little photo shoot and everything. My mom is freaking amazing and made Cecilia’s Cake. She specifically asked for beauty and the beast & it turned out SO cute! Seriously she should sell these.

It was also little man Kamden’s 1st thanksgiving & he was NOT forgotten. My 9 month old baby is walking and not so much of a baby anymore either. I so want to slow them down but I know that I cannot. So it was a day full of love, loud crazy chaos and so much fun. The night may have ended in a busted lip for the little man, & an exhausted 3 year old but it was magic.

See for yourself.