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Super Kam turns one // baby party// First birthday// Kamdens party

Okay guys - it’s official I no longer have a baby in my house.

My little dude turned one and we finally had his party. Now let me tell you I know it can be A LOT to host parties but I absolutely LOVE it. I love the planning, the decorating, having people over ALL OF IT. & so does my husband. We are down for all the parties at our place anytime. So yes I tend to go a little “over board” if you want to call it that but to me it’s a celebration and so wroth it for the memories.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t love the “spending” aspect of it all & I used a lot of cheap amazon / oriental trading company things as well as party city clearance (holla at you discount shoppers out there) & dollar store stuff. & maybe even some Valentines clearance for the candy. We did snack food so the buy one get one corn dogs (iron man missile launchers) were a hit and the pizza rolls (the off brand) were gone the fastest. I bought a $3 block of cheddar cheese and cut it up small and stuck in on pretzel sticks for “Thor hammers” & we bought 3 types of jello and well you see how we used those. We used Pineapple juice & sprite for one drink & straight lemon lime gatorade for the “hulk punch” Amazon has these super hero masks - they are super affordable & a HIT with kids and adults. It’s all about finding the deals & I start planning these parties MONTHS ahead so that I know what we need and can pay attention to things as they go on sale. Parties do NOT have to be expensive or daunting as long as you know what you’re doing and have a plan in your head. The day of the party we were ready to go and just able to relax and enjoy it.

I also did his cake smash a few weeks before (to save some stress) with inspiration from this Modern Burlap outfit we have in the super hero print (that we own in about 5 other pieces) & then there are his 1 year old pictures which I just did outside in our yard of him being well.. him.

PS my mom made both the cake for his party and his cake smash - yeah she’s got some skills.

All in all his party was a success and I only shed minimal tears at the fact that my little man is no longer a baby.