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Vegas Trip//C+K//Anniversary trip

Okay, so this year for my husband (K) & I’s 6-year wedding anniversary we decided to do something we haven’t done in well.. about 3 ½ years now. We took a VACATION WITHOUT OUR KIDS. 

To some this may seem crazy, to others that may seem entirely normal. But let me start by saying we got mixed reviews with what people thought of our little Vacay away from the kids. Some people said, “Good for you!” Others said, “That’s so exciting” Yet we still got “You’re leaving your kids?” with a look of disgust or “Why would you need to get away?” Let me tell you though I am SO glad we did it. & though it may not be something we do on a regular basis it definitely opened our eyes to the fact that we were neglecting our marriage. 

Now we weren’t on the brink of separation or almost at the end of our relationship, but we were stuck in a rut. We didn’t do many date nights, barely talked much about things other than the kids, work and what the plan for the weekend was. This trip was needed. We needed to reconnect away from tiny hands and big attitudes. We love our kids; we love doing things with our kids and 90% of the time we want to do things and experience things as a family but this time we needed something for just us. 

We stayed out late, ate at fancy restaurants and just walked the strip without pushing stroller or holding a back pack leash, and it was refreshing.

We invested in our relationship and made memories for just the two of us.

So, I encourage you, if you are on the fence with taking that trip because you’re scared of what people will think of you, or you just don’t think it’s a priority at the moment, just do it. Take the trip, go on the date night, find someone you trust to keep your kids and just do it. Invest in your relationship and your spouse. It’s so worth it.

So where did we go? 

Well Vegas of course. We stayed at the gorgeous Downtown Grand hotel & casino and you guys; it was so pretty. The art work, the infinity roof top pool (that we wish had been open longer at night) It was right off of Fremont, so we got to do all the things there, zip lining, the container park, The George grill. It was a blast. We walked the strip, road the New York New York roller coaster, Saw the venetian, Paris guys we even met Jimmy Kimmel. To say we had a lot of fun would be an understatement. Honestly the best part, was just hanging out with K in an environment where I could dress up and not worry about losing little people.  

While we were there, we flew T out to take our photos and oh my gosh am I glad we did.

I will forever love these images and they will be getting their very own album.

So, my goal was to keep this short and sweet so I’m going to wrap it up here and leave you with this.

Don’t wait. Life won’t wait for you to enjoy it. Even if you’re just going to the movies and dinner spend time with your S/O and invest in the love and life you want.

6 Years later and I’m more in love with this guy now then I was back then <3



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