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A Donut Adventure Session

EEA just rolled out our brand new adventure story sessions and let me tell you…WE ARE IN LOVE with how they have been turning out! It is bringing a whole other element into our sessions and really creating memories and experiences with our clients vs just having a photo session in a park (not that we don’t love those too). I think it is such a fun thing to be doing and it creates images that aren’t stiff, aren’t overly posed, and you get to do something awesome with the ones you love the most.

You can leave the planning up to us to create something memorable and unique to you, or you can let us know if there is something you have in mind that you want to experience with your family and want it captured.

We came up with these sessions in 2 completely different ways …in the SAME WEEK. It was a bit mind boggling and I am still in awe of how we came to these sessions together without even talking about it. C was watching people going on adventures on tv and thought “how fun would it be to shoot something like that” I came up with it because I was going to the zoo with my family and wanted someone there to document it for me so I could be there with my family and not just behind a camera. THEN I had made a story on Instagram about an idea I was having in regards to the above. C started reading it and then was like “NOO WAY… DID I talk to you about this already?!” No no you didn’t…I don’t believe you haha. You get the idea. So we were blown away with having the same concept in our heads but not actually talking about it with each other. SO WEIRD.

Anyways, so we are so pumped for these new sessions and what they bring to the table. It is really going to change the shape and face of our business and our sessions. We hope that you love them as much as we do.. We got a chance to test it out for the first time with a maternity session we did in downtown Poulsbo, Wa with the sweetest family.. T has known Meaghan since her dancing years at Bremerton Dance Center when they both were apart of the company. Meaghan and her husband Sam were also one of the models in the styled shoot back in August that EEA did. They are the best and one of the sweetest families. We also had their little girl Alice in this session and she stole the show (Sorry M+S) she was the cutest most outgoing little miss and you could tell she lives it up in the front of the camera. We are so excited that they get to welcome their little boy into their family and wish them all the happy, tired, amazing, newborn weeks ahead

Take a look at EEA’s adventure sessions and the cuteness that this family is!

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