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M+C Maternity// A Lynden Adventure session// In home// Outdoors

This is a good one you guys.

This session is probably one of my favorites to date, and not just because I love these two (+ they are family) but because they are the cutest soon to be (now are) parents. Megan is my husband’s cousin + therefore my cousin (because I don’t like that in law stuff) + Cody is obviously her Hubs + can we just take a second to recognize how freaking adorable they are. We did this session at their HOUSE! Yes, that is there backyard + let me tell you that Lynden sky + those mountains made for a KILLER shoot.

My fambam drove up to visit the Lynden side of the family and I got to do their maternity pictures while we were there, and man am I so glad we did. We started shooting almost immediately after we arrived because the light was perfect and thank goodness we did because the next morning (when we planned on doing them) it just rained. Talk about timing.

Basically, you can see for yourself why this session gives me all the feels.





Meet the girl behind this rad adventure session below!