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Daddy daughter dance//Caitlins family

So, these two geared up for the daddy daughter dance last month and let me just say - they looked good. I grabbed my camera and made them put a little photo shoot on with me.

I find that the more I shoot, the more confident I am. Just like when you exercise more you feel good about yourself, when I keep my photo skills refreshed daily, I feel better about my work. This is a session I felt really good about, I know it is my kid and my husband so I may be slightly bias, but honestly, I just shot for the sheer fun of shooting and creating memories. I love that simplistic, realistic approach to photography. I am not trying to show off this perfect life that I have (because trust me, it’s anything but perfect…) but I am trying to FOCUS more on the GOOD things that are going on than the BAD things that happen here and there. I think if everyone tried to do that we would live in a much better world. I know things aren’t always ‘Cupcakes and rainbows…’ but if they were, we would get sick of bright colors and sugar. Sometimes we need the rough patches, the hard times or even the sadness to remind us how good things truly are. We are going through a strange season in our life where we aren’t quite sure where we are going to end up at the end of it. It’s something we have never dealt with before but making sure I take the time to capture these moments in between, the moments the kids are growing or experiencing something for the first time ( like this dance ) is so important to me & honestly, I want it to be important to my clients too.

& let’s be real here, who wouldn’t want to remember moments this sweet.

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