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Lifestyle Newborn//R+M//Bremerton washington in-home session

I had the opportunity to take pictures for a family that just went from two to three recently. To say that I was excited to be apart of these two becoming parents- even if just in being able to take pictures of their newest little one, is an understatement. I have known these two since I (Tori) danced at Bremerton Dance Center when I was 11-I met the mom, Mallory, and then met the dad, Ryan, when he started at the dance center when I was about 15. I have a lot of good memories of them and I was so excited to hear the news of them being parents. They are and are going to be awesome parents to this little ballerina and she is going to be oh so loved by them and so many other people in their lives.

Little E is seriously the sweetest and she has SO MUCH hair and the cutest chunky cheeks. She was a curious little thing during our session and we got most of the shots of her checking things out with her bright eyes. Mallory, has gone into the motherhood roll seamlessly and as if she was born for it-which she teaches and runs a dance studio, so duuuh of course she is. But being in that roll and being in a mom roll are different and she has done it with grace and SO MUCH love for her little miss. She lets the small stuff roll off her back with a laugh and you can tell she is cherishing each moment. Ryan, has taken to being a dad SO WELL- watching him with his little girl melts all the hearts. He was there by little E’s side when she would cry, grabbing her hand and rocking her. He has gone into this with a natural instinct when it comes to his little girl.

They have her nursery decked out in all the florals and dancing things. I love the water colored sheets and such that they choose for her bedding. And the little ballerina things that scatter the room is fitting for a newborn of two dancers. I am so glad that they trusted me to capture their family in this new phase of life, with all the new things, feedings, sleepless nights, juggling a diaper bag and a newborn during outings and all the snuggles. I couldn't be happier for these two and I am so glad I had a chance to give them something to remember this phase in life by.

Check out the cuteness that is this session.

Lifestyle newborn in home session in the PNW Washington state adventures of becoming parents

Want to get in on some of the watercolored cuteness with a swaddle blanket? Check the link below to see one that I think I super cute and affordable.