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A Super Mario Party Time//Flynn turns 5//Tahuya Washington

So, my (Tori) oldest, Flynn turned FIVE on his birthday. The fact that I have a five year old is not lost on me and a little bit crazy that I have such a big kid. One that gets to decide what kind of birthday party he wants! He decided this year he wanted a MARIO party, the fact that my husband and I are big MARIO game fans made this party one of our favorites to throw and come up with ALL the fun ideas.

We decorated, we planned, we cooked, my sister, Kelley, made an AWESOME AND EPIC Mario cake. My kiddo was SO excited for his birthday party and that all of his cousins got to come and celebrate with him. As he gets older, I truly love what a big heart he has. Yes, did he love the Mario stuff? Absolutely. Was he excited to get gifts? Totally. But honestly it was the fact that all the people he cared about came out to celebrate him and his special day that truly meant the most to him. He talked about his birthday for a week straight afterwards.

I am so glad we got to throw an epic party for our kiddo, complete with a Mario kart tournament. Check out all the fun decor we did and my favorite part, the food!

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