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Alright here’s a little peak at this adorable session I got to do last week.

Ryan + Adri are family and share a last name with my little fam. 

Adri is a pretty Bad A$$ momma if you ask me. She handles these 4 guys like a pro and looks awesome doing it. Not only is she stunning you guys she’s probably one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met, but also probably the feistiest as well. Ryan is my husband’s cousin and he always looked up to him growing up and now, though we don’t get to see them often - they get to raise kiddos together. I think we can all agree that they are one good looking family & Adri has a lot of good-looking men in her life, but not only that her boys are the sweetest. Jagger is a little mini Ryan, Jaxxen is a firecracker and little Jeter melts my freaking heart with that smile. The two youngest are close to my kiddos age and I love that they get to grow up making memories together. It was an honor getting to do their pictures and creating memories with and for them that they will get to keep forever. The place we did these is very near and dear to all of our hearts, as every 4th of July The Schiffman clan has a week-long celebration/reunion. Adri’s boys (Ryan included) are 100% in their element when they are out there and this year with it being the first year since Grandpa Skip passed away, I wanted to do something special to utilize the land and the property that they have spent every summer at growing up. This is what a legacy looks like. This is what love looks like. I can’t stress the importance of family photos, I honestly think that they are truly something you need to do at least once a year, just to keep up with your growing family. We are not guaranteed anything in this life, and I think having these memories to hold onto is huge. Even if it is just a mini session, or my personal favorite our adventure sessions, make the moments count, take a second to let yourself in the photo momma, make that daddy hold his kid upside down and laugh, let the boys wander around and don’t make them pose to much. You’re going to want to remember them the way they were. When they are all grown up and moving on to make their own lives, and their own families, you will still have prints, or photo books to look back and remember all the different seasons you were in. Take the pictures you guys, get the photos taken, take them, keep them, cherish them. 

Thanks for looking <3

Bremerton Washington Family Adventure Session

Evergreen Ever After Photography//Seattle Family photographer