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A beach adventure session//Scenic beach state park//Seabeck Washington

Over the weekend I got the chance to have a session with my very oldest sister, her grown up kids with their wives and my great niece. Jackie, my nephews wife, got ahold of me to get some family pictures of all of them since they are in the states for the year and leave at the end of July to go back overseas. They lead one heck of a life of adventure and travel and you can see that they are instilling that same adventuring spirit into their daughter as they have. I was so happy to be apart of their short journey back in their home state, it went by way too quick though and I can’t believe that it is almost time for them to head back to their traveling life.

They have lived a truly inspiring life of wandering from country to country and exploring the hillsides, oceans, fields, and cities that the world has to offer. They have been and seen things that I can only hope and imagine to experience one day. They live fearlessly and in search of a life that makes them happy, with the opportunities that they want in life.

Sean and Jackie, we are oh so sad to see you go, but I am inspired by the way that you both seek what you want out of life and just go for it. You are raising one heck of a daughter and it has been so fun to see you two become parents. Lisa, John and your family were truly blessed having you here this past year to get to spend time with you and little R, as well as the rest of our family and yours.. Even if it seemed like a short time you were here I am glad we got to spend a bit with you guys. Much love to you three on your journey and we can’t wait to see what type of adventures you are going to go on next.

And in true Washington fashion, we were met with rain going into our session, and like true Washington fashion-we grabbed the umbrellas made it work and then it stopped raining 10 minutes later.