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A mother’s guide to motherhood. Or something like it.

This is a personal post from me (Tori). I try to periodically throw in a life post about motherhood every once in awhile. It’s been awhile over here for it. This is my experience as a mom in the everyday life that we as moms live. Let me tell you, I don’t have it figured out MOST days. I legit just make this up as I go. The more I delve deeper into this thing, and the more kids I seemingly seem to have, the more I realize, mom life is MESSY and full of CHOAS everyday. Some days I handle it with more grace then others. Other days I feel like I scream my head off for most of it. It’s exhausting, it’s all consuming, its 100% not what I ever thought it would be or how I would ever feel as a mom. Just the sheer conversations I have with my children or the things I have to shout at them to stop doing is enough to have it’s own comedy show.

“Stop peeing on each other!!” It’s just water mom. UUUUUUH no no, that’s not how that works.

“We NEVER play with poop” But MOM it’s like play dough” 🤦🏻‍♀️ True story.

“yes, Cohen.. that is a lot of poops.. Oh I’m so glad they are still falling out” whenever he goes to the bathroom since he just started potty training this past year. Which went far better then my first kiddo so I’ll take it.

“Flynn! Stop touching yourself, go put some pants on” The why mom? For all of these things are rough sometimes 😂

“Kids, maybe jumping off something that high isn’t a great idea!” You know, just keeping them alive on the daily.

“Maybe let’s not spit milk all over each other’s head” But it’s like a water fight…with our mouths.

And I currently have all boys in our house, so the amount of things that they do and that come out of their mouth no longer surprises me at this point.

So here I am, about to have a 4th kiddo. Which I am fully prepared to name with another boy name, because it seems we just make boys. I never once in my life growing up say “hmm I think I’ll have four kids” and yet here I am, about to be four kids deep in this and am a little overwhelmed at the thought of it to be completely honest. Am I excited? Of course! Do I already love this baby? Absolutely. Do I feel prepared to have another right now in this season of life? Not really. BUT I totally know it’s going to be fine, and it’s going to be exactly how everything is supposed to be. I will look back at this time of hesitation and anxiety and wonder what I was ever thinking.

I think because I am a planner and this took us for a loop is what got me in the beginning, I had just gotten RID OF ALL MY BIGGER BABY THINGS. I had cleaned out the newborn clothes and only kept a very few. I was done for awhile, but God has bigger plans for thus life of mine. He has already stretched me in bigger and better ways then I even imagined. Having kids, and tiny humans all 2 years apart has been such a life experience. And now this last one only 18 months pass Watson is going to really be something. I know it will complete this family of ours. And I know I will forever be grateful for this surprise of a baby. Ten years from now I will be looking around the table at dinner and never for a second think that it should have been any different. I do it now and I will do it then.

So, mom life is MESSY and it’s CHOAS and sometimes I lose my voice and sometimes I let fear creep in and give me doubt and anxiety. It is trying, and it is exhausting, and hard in so many ways, but also-it is so much more then all of that. It’s hard as hell, but it’s the most love filled, proudest moments, biggest smiles, hugs around the neck, butterfly/Eskimo/bunny/chicken kisses with unmeasurable unconditional love that you will ever have, and that makes it all worth it.

So, here’s to eating another watermelon seed and expanding my heart, life, and love even more.