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Descendants 3 // Disney photo shoot // Evie // Evil Queens daughter // Mirror Mirror Adventure session

So I made my little girls dreams come true last week along with the help of my sister + Cousin. 

Basically, our daughter is OBSESSED with Sophia Carson, Evie and All things Descendants. So, with D3 coming out we decided to have a little party where we dressed up and did make up (complete with blue hair for Cecilia of course) + a real-life EVIE DRESS (gifted from her auntie Em). To say Ceci was excited would be an understatement. I think that doing these little (though seemingly big) things to bring some magic into your kiddos lives is so important. The light in this kids’ eyes when I sprayed her hair + she finally realized she was Evie from Descendants was honestly priceless. We handed Ceci a ‘magic mirror’ set the D1.2+3 soundtrack on blast and let her go nuts. We dressed up her little brother Kamden as Jay, and my sister as Carlos and called the dog Dude. Alexis was Audrey and Ceci requested I be Mal - which is totally fine because if you know me well you know my cameras bag name is Maleficent…. so, it seemed fitting. 

I’m big on the Disney villains and princess alike so to have this little world to share with my Kiddo is pretty great + who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? The world they created is honestly amazing. They brought together good and bad and really did show that we are all capable of both. You get to decide how to live your life and you get to decide what and who you let into it.

For a minute there during the first couple times we watched the first and second movie, I thought maybe they were a bit to mature for my 3 year old, but if you listen to the messages in the movies and realize, they are just like every other fairy tale out there only more about the villains kids turning good and it’s just a cute story. She loved the characters and music, the dancing and the talking dog of course and once my one year old was on board with the music and dancing like crazy every time he heard the music I knew this was a family movie we would be keeping around forever - though the series has wrapped up we are and always will be the biggest fans of Mal, Evie, Carlos + Jay.

“You wanna be cool? Let me show you how…”

While we are just 

“Chillen like a villain.”


“Mirror mirror on the wall…” 


“It’s good to be bad…”

“Cause we’re rotten, to the core.”

Makeup credit to my little Sister Emily

Dress by Disney D3 from Target.

Call it cheesy if you will, but these are memories that I hope she never forgets.