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A Retro Barn Wedding Blog//Derek & Marissa//Red Cedar Farm, Poulsbo Wa

The Slater wedding took place at the Red Cedar Farm, in Poulsbo, Wa. This wedding venue has to be one of our favorite to date. It is such a fun location and we fell in love with the many aspects of this place. The venue has a game room with pinball machines, a cocoa cola wall, a bottle cap barn barns on the inside, a greenhouse. So many fun places and locations. They had donkeys, chickens, goats and cats all about. The aisle was lined with shepherd's hook that lead to an iron alter. This place was really so much fun to shoot at. The bride and groom walked in the green fields, danced in the hall, kissed by the barns, held hands while playing pinball. They were the cutest. 

This wedding held a special place in our hearts since it was my nephew and Caitlin's cousin. We all grew up together, and although I am the older aunt I remember, fondly, the days of playing "power rangers" and smash brothers on Nintendo 64. I will say I use to crush him at this game back in the day with his older brother Darren who was also a groomsmen in the wedding. We could not be happier for these two and we are so glad he found someone to make him happy. It was so fun to see Marissa surrounded by the people she loves, it truly brought out a different side to her that I have not had a chance to see in the past, she was in her element and comfort during her wedding day and it truly showed how happy and in love she was. It was a great day and their pictures are some of our favorite that we have shot, this venue had so much to offer and we loved the retro vibe it had. It was just fun wedding to attend and shoot.

"You get me. There's no other way to put it. When I am whirlwinds of a person, a mess of bad moods, and even worse ideas, you move in slow and wrap each arm around me and in an instant, I am understood. When I am blind of all else, I see the way through you"