For those who believe in fairytales & adventures….

Adventure with Evergreen Ever After


Create your own

Adventure Story

All sessions are customizable to each client.

Adventure Packages start at $350

Wedding adventures start at $1200

All Adventure sessions come with your very own Adventure book designed by the girls of Evergreen.


We believe in adventuring in the woods…

We believe in planning epic adventures with the ones you love. We believe in hiking to waterfalls, picking wildflowers and frolicking through fields. We believe in picnics among the trees… we believe in fancy drinks and donuts. We believe you should go on dates and adventures and keep the magic in your relationships. We believe you should sip champagne beneath the canopy of tree’s and hear the birds sing in the distance.


We believe in doing something new…

We believe picking blueberries, and apples and strawberries in the fields. We believe in finding new places, and seeing new sights, and experiencing new things. We believe that the zoo can be the most fun, that a fair in the summer is what memories are made of, that throwing paint at each other is awesome, or a mini golf trip can be fun for you and the ones you love.


We believe in jet setting….

We believe in traveling to new cities. We believe in experiencing what the world has to offer, and finding new places to love. We believe in putting a lock with your love on the Ponts des Arts bridge in Paris. We believe in going to the grand canyon, in seeing Niagra Falls, in hiking up to see the golden gate bridge. We believe in finding and leaving peices of your heart around the world. We believe adventure is out there and we believe you should capture it.


We believe in spending forever with the one you love…

We believe that having the love of your life by your side is the grandest adventure. That saying you want to spend your life together on a mountain top, or in the forest beneath the trees, by the side of a river or in a castle is one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures that you can do together. We believe that finding the one that you love is a gift and we believe that capturing that gift is worth a thousands words that spans lifetimes and through generations.