For those who believe in fairytales & adventures….

Plan your adventure with EEA


Create an Adventure Story with EEA

Remember those choose your own adventure stories we read as kids? Well EEA has decided to bring those to life.

What does that mean? Well we have created a whole new type of photography package.

Custom Adventure sessions.

Yes I said custom. Because everyone’s story is different! No one session will look the same, so let’s get to planning. Tell us what you want, what you don’t want, what your dream session looks like. We have a package to fit whatever kind of experience you want to capture. Each session will come with an adventure book designed by EEA.

Book us now to let us bring real life experiences to your door step.

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Give us details that you would love, that you wouldn't love, things you are interested in that might be fun to do as a couple or a family. Cookie baking? Paint fight? Putt Putt golf? Vegas adventure? Getting married?
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For those who believe in fairytales & adventures…

For those who believe in fairytales & adventures…